Friday, February 22, 2008


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The most expensive domain names on the Web

Have you got your own .com name? Why is buying a dotcom name better than your local domain name, such as and ? First of all, using a .com domain name potrays the idea that you are going for worldwide business, and this type of domain name is available for purchase by any person via the Internet. To check if your name is available, you can use domain registrars such as

Another business idea is to sell your domain name. Here are some of the most expensive domain name transactions.

1. - sold for US$12 million dollars in 2005.
- the domain name was originally registered by a software salesperson, Gary Kremen, in 1994.

2. - sold for US$9.5 million dollars in May 2007 to MXN Limited in the highest domain name sale in cash transaction

3. - sold for US$7.5 million dollars in 1999

4. - sold for US$7.5 million dollars in 2006
- sold to by Odimo Incorporated (and included the sale of the website inventory too)

5. - sold for US$7 million dollars in 1999
- originally owned by a web developer, Bill Fisher and sold to Interbrew company

How is the value of the domain name now? Well, looks like the idea of having a great domain name is still very much alive, and in June 2007, these 2 domain names were sold at a handsome price too.

1. - US$1.8 million dollars

2. - US$3 million dollars

I wonder how much would our company brand be worth in the coming years?

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